Sengurichi 10MW

Sengurichi 10MW – Green Sparrow Solar Nest (P) Ltd. is at the forefront of solar energy development in Dindigul district, Tamil Nadu, with a project site in Kambiliyampatti  village. The company is currently acquiring nearly 40 acres of barren land for the construction of a 10 MW solar project.

The solar power plant will connect to the Sengurichi 22/11 KV Substation, located just 5 km away. TANGEDCO has conducted a load flow study for 10 MW and granted permission for Green Sparrow Solar Nest to develop the solar power plant and integrate it into the grid.

A 5 km transmission line has been established on overhead poles, with over 50 poles connecting the solar power plant to the substation. Green Sparrow Solar Nest Pvt Ltd has procured the Right of Way for the transmission lines, ensuring a smooth and seamless process for our clients. The company is well equipped to obtain all necessary licenses and permissions to guarantee compliance with regulations and industry standards.

The project is handed over to the client and it was commissioned successfully.